Revisiting my Remote Year packing list 3 months later

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Just before I left for Remote Year I posted everything I packed in a single suitcase and a backpack for an entire year of travel.

Well, it's 3 months later so I thought it might be helpful to go over it again and evaluate what I actually needed to bring and what I didn't. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see my must-have items to pack for anyone going on Remote Year.


  • 2 pairs of jeans

  • 4 pairs of leggings

  • 1 pair of workout shorts

  • 3 long-sleeve shirts/button-ups

  • 2 light jackets

  • 1 leather jacket

  • 2 casual dresses

  • 7 t-shirts

  • 3 pairs of shoes; high tops, gym sneakers, and sandals

  • 1 hat

  • A jillion undies and 5 pairs of socks

Generally, all of these items have served me quite well. It has been warmer than I anticipated so I wish I had brought more shorts and lighter clothes. If I got to do it again, I'd bring more shirts because I'm the sweatiest human alive so I dirty them faster and I'm sick of wearing the same ones over and over again. 

As someone on a summer itinerary, I definitely went overboard with the jackets and long sleeves. I wear my jean jacket a lot and just that one would have been enough. There's another jacket on that list I also could have left behind. I'm probably going to dump it after this month.

I've worn my leather jacket maybe 3-4 times and really wish I left it at home. If you're on a summer itinerary, definitely do not bring anything heavier than a jean jacket and maybe one sweatshirt for lounging around the house.

The dresses have been great for nights out. My shoe choice has been perfect, although my high tops are falling apart and I'll need to get some new casual shoes soon.

I'm not the type of girl to wear heels often and not many girls in my group brought them, either. If you're questioning it, I'd say leave them. If you really miss them you can always buy some on the road.


  • 2 headbands

  • 2 packs of elastics and bobby pins

  • 1 set of makeup brushes

  • 1 eyeshadow palette

  • 1 mascara

  • 1 brow pencil

  • 1 sharpener

  • 2 hair clips

  • 2 cans of my favorite dry shampoo

  • 1 bottle of hair oil spray

  • 1 hairdryer

  • 1 bottle of perfume

  • 1 bottle of Febreeze To Go

  • 1 toothbrush & travel toothpaste

  • 2 contact lens cases & bottle of saline

  • 1.5 year supply of new contacts

All of this has been clutch and the only thing I've already dumped was my hairdryer. Even when I had it plugged into a voltage converter it would spark and smoke up. I can't believe I didn't set my hair on fire. 

If you're going to bring a hairdryer do not make my mistake and get a dual voltage, travel size one. Try these:

Other stuff*:

All in all I did pretty damn good when it came to packing. Almost all of this stuff I use regularly. I did get rid of my vanity mirror last month because I didn't use it that much, but otherwise all this other stuff has been useful.

I have yet to use my Chromecast because most of the TVs in my apartments haven't had an available power outlet in range of the cord. I also haven't used the USB fan yet, but I did buy that with Asia in mind and we're not there yet.

As someone who also broke her phone overseas, I highly recommend bringing a backup if you have one. I did not and there's nothing worse than being in a foreign country without access to Google Maps or a camera.

Kaila's Remote Year Must-Haves

A few things on this list have really stood out and I cannot recommend highly enough. I use them daily and would be lost without them. Do yourself a favor an invest in these things:

The sound quality (and volume) is ridiculously good, the battery life last for ages, it's waterproof, and it has a bungee cord to attach to anything. So clutch.

The double plugs plus USB connectors is amazing. It isn't a voltage converter, though, so don't put anything in it that isn't dual voltage.

Bluetooth, touch controls, long battery life, great sound, and the ability to noise-cancel TF out of screaming babies on trans-continental flights. You’re welcome.

Staying charged up on the road is a must. This pack is so strong I can easily get 3 full phone charges out of it or charge my bluetooth speaker several times.

Less is more. Seriously.

No matter what you pack remember to heed the advice of other Remotes, Mel, and Rose: pack what you think you need, then take half of it out. I promise it's true.

You do not need as much as you think you do. If you forget anything, you can buy it on the road. Don't sweat it!


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