Saying "adios" to Valencia with boogie and booze

My last 2 weeks in Valencia were not as eventful as the first few since my tracks were over, but I still had a blast exploring the city and hanging out with my Atlas tramily. Here's what I got up to:

City of Arts and Sciences

At-lasses night out!

At-lasses night out!

All the At-lasses decided to have a rowdy night out at one of the most popular spots in Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s this insanely cool cluster of space-age looking buildings with all kinds of attractions like a museum, art gallery, the only IMAX theater in all of Spain, and science exhibitions.

We headed to the Umbracle which is a gorgeous garden gallery space which at night transforms into a sick dance club. There are multiple bars, a couple dance floors, and neat modern spaces for seating among the trees with a beautiful view of the water.

We drank and danced and bar hopped to other cool spots and had the time of our lives. I hadn’t boogied that hard in a while. Smiles all around.

San Juan Night

On the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year, many Valencians gather on the beach for bonfires, cookouts, and celebrations.

Some people believe on this magical night paranormal events can occur because the lines between the physical world and spiritual world are blurred. Thus, they celebrate a couple rituals:

  • Jump over the bonfire for good luck
  • Burn a piece of paper with your crush's name on it for eternal love
  • Burn something old and personal to cleanse yourself from bad spirits
  • Jump over 7 waves at midnight and make a wish

We had so much food, I had way too much tequila, and we partied into the wee hours of the morning. At midnight we all ran into the ocean screaming and splashing around like kids. I had heard the water was warm (and maybe the tequila helped) but I swear it was as warm as the air – it felt like bathwater. This was another night pretty high up on the all-time favorites list. (Rain dance still is #1).

I have no idea what was in this watermelon.

I have no idea what was in this watermelon.

Here's me passionately arguing with Jonny about the definition of a "bonfire"

Here's me passionately arguing with Jonny about the definition of a "bonfire"

Adios, Valenica

I wish I had more updates like many of my fellow Atlasitos who took tons of side trips this month (Croatia, Majorca, Paris, Germany, and more!) but other than these I didn’t have any more big nights out. There were other events going on but I was either working or too lazy (read: poor) to participate. I definitely took it pretty easy this past week catching up on rest and preparing to move to Sofia.

Valencia is a very special place and is the running champ for my favorite city thus far. I still have 9 to go, but I loved it there. The culture is so beautiful, the city is a perfect mix of classic charm and modern flair, it’s right on the beach, Turia park is stunning, and there’s an endless amount of things to do and see. The city is super accessible by bike and easily walkable, too. I’m glad we got 5 weeks there, but I’m definitely ready to move on.

Sofia, Bulgaria is up next and I just landed on Saturday. It’s too early to get a good read but I’ll have lots of updates soon because it’s super cheap here so I should be able to participate in more events. Our PL Mariya is originally from Sofia and used to be the on the City Team. Needless to say, she’s eager to share her home with us.

Until next time!


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