A Tale of Two Policies and too much adulting for one day

So here's a fun story of how I ended up with 2 travel insurance policies because I'm not really an adult and don't understand insurance.

Getting travel insurance was one of the first things I did way back in December. I went through one of the recommended plans from Remote Year, picked some insane coverage options, and paid a reasonable $400-some-odd dollars. Cool beans, done.

So yesterday I got an email from my travel insurance: 

Ready for your trip? Here are the details of your policy:
Coverage dates: March 30th, 2018 - April 1, 2018.

Let me repeat: April 1, 2018. As in this Sunday. 4 days from now.


So I go online, try to change it, cursing myself for being so stupid and not picking the right dates. I'm making dad noises and muttering under my breath, *grumble* How much is this going to cost me to fix... *grumble*

The system won't let me make the change so I hop on the phone, get bounced around to a few departments, and finally talk to someone.

She's like, "oh, this plan only allows coverage for 128 days." Cool, not helpful. I'll be gone for a year. What do I do now?

I said tell me your cheapest plan. She walks me through it and goes, "and, with your trip insurance of $797, that comes out to... $41."

"What?!", I said, incredulously. "How is that possible?" I know I asked for cheap but good lord.

She spits some insurance jargon and I'm like, "okaaaayyyy. So can I get a refund for my other policy?" "Sure," she says. "We'll refund the $49.81 back to your card."

"$49?!", I said, equally incredulously. "Try more like four HUNDRED."

She pauses for a moment. 

"No, miss, your original policy was charged $48.81 to card ending in 0204 on 12/30."

"....Okay hold on," I said. I go fumbling through online banking portals trying to remember which one I charged it on. More dad noises. A few minutes later I pull it up and find the charge. 

"Okay, so what's this charge for $415 on 12/19 for travel insurance?"

"I'm sorry miss," she laments, "if it's not labeled from Allianz it wasn't us. You could ask your card provider for a phone number and dispute the charge."

And now I'm all kinds of confused because I thought my insurance plan was through a company called Tokio Marine. That's a hard name to forget.

What the deuce is going on?! So she helps me get my new policy all together with my Remote Year deposit of $5,000 covered and some modest medical coverage all for $250, cheaper than this other plan.

Now I gotta go digging and figure out what the damn hell happened here, and cancel this other policy and hopefully get my money back. Then it hits me.

That insurance only covered me for the 30th - 1st because that was only covering my flight to Cape Town -- also why it was only $49. I had medical insurance coverage for the year through this other policy with Tokio Marine the entire time. 

So, I basically just paid $250 MORE to have a second plan I didn't need because I forgot who my provider was and confused flight insurance for 3 days with extensive medical travel insurance for 1 year. 


To recap:
$797 flight for 3 days = covered for $49 in case it's cancelled
Priceless trip of a lifetime for 1 year = covered for $415 in case I die

And I just changed the $49 plan to $250 for a fraction of what the latter plan already covers.

So now I have to go back AGAIN and cancel it for a 2nd time.



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