Departure day is only 8 weeks away and I'm not panicking, you're panicking

So I just got back from a Remote Year Info Night and seeing all the confused prospective applicants has made me realize how far I've come.

I was like the weird 5th year senior hanging out in class with the 'too cool for school' look on my face because I've heard all this before. Looking around the room, I realized just 3 months ago I was exactly where they were. I had no idea what Remote Year was, I had a million questions, and was totally unaware I was about to change my life forever.

Now my dog is off with his potential foster parents, my stuff is for sale all over the internet, I've gotten vaccines for all kinds of weird diseases, and I have to figure out how to fit my entire life in a suitcase for a year.

It's been a weird 3 months.

It's felt like a dream until this point. Like all of this was just a talking point in conversations to impress all the eccentric people of San Francisco and make me feel super cool and like my life was interesting, too. It was so far away, it didn't feel real. 

In 1 month, I'm moving back to Massachusetts. In 59 days, I'll be in Cape Town.

I still have to secure a home for Jax.
I still have to get my visa for Vietnam.
I still have to sell as much of my stuff as possible.
I still have to pack up and move out of my house.

Meanwhile, I still have to build my freelance business and hustle for more clients because I am poor.

Like I said, I'm not panicking. You're panicking.

My group Atlas has finally been invited to the Remote Nation Slack team so we're all just starting to introduce ourselves and meet. There are about 40 people in my crew. Nobody really knows what to say besides, "hi, omg so excited!!' so, it's a little awkward right now. I'm sure as time goes on we'll start talking more and be less antisocial.

I have high hopes, though. Shit is getting super real super fast, but that's kind of the point of all this, right? I'm just winging it and seeing what happens.


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