I quit my job to travel then everyone kept telling me how brave I am and I don't get why

Yup. I quit my cushy, steady-paycheck job to rely on my own hustle and talent(?) to make money while I go travel the world.

People have told me my whole life how brave I am.

They told me I was brave when I left college in my home state to be the first foreign exchange student in Australia on the other side of the world. They told me I was brave when I was offered a job over the phone and packed up my whole life to move across the country in 3 days. They told me I was brave when I was laid off from said job 8 months later and decided to stay instead of moving back to Massachusetts with my parents. 

Here's the thing though...

I'm not brave at all. At least, I don't see it that way.

Maybe it's stupidity. Naivety. Ignorance. I dunno. I've never understood how someone can stay in one place or do the same thing their whole life. I know humans are creatures of habit and adverse to change or whatever, but man is that a bullshit excuse if I've ever heard one.

I don't think it was bravery that made me decide to get on stage at a bar at 2 years old to dance with the band in my diaper. It wasn't bravery that made me decide to leave public school and go to high school in a different town. It wasn't bravery that made me decide to dye my hair eggplant purple. And it definitely wasn't bravery that made me decide to travel the world for a whole year.

I just did it.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.
— John A. Shedd

Take the job. Dump the asshole. Buy the house. Etc.

"But what if it doesn't work out?" Then it doesn't work out! It's as simple as that. You'll find another job, another relationship, another place to live. If my freelance business doesn't work out, then I'll find another full-time job. And if the travel program doesn't work out, then I come home. Period. End of story.

People are so afraid of failure they'll justify any reason not to go for something they really want. So what if you fail? Seriously. So what? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and step back up to the plate.

Of course I'm nervous about supporting myself. Sure, I'm a little apprehensive about planning for a year long trip.

But I'll be damned if I can't say, "at least I tried."


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