What's Remote Year?

Remote Year is a travel program designed for digital nomads; specifically, people who want to see the world without sacrificing their careers. Me and a group of 50 perfect strangers are going to live in 12 cities around the world in 12 months.

Pretty bananas.

Wait, so you all work for the same company?

No; everyone is responsible for their own income. Most people keep their existing roles and just tradition to remote.

I love to complicate things, so I decided to quit my full time role altogether and start my own business 3 months before leaving.

Wow, okay. So, where are you going?

Check out my itinerary here.

What does Remote Year provide?

They take care of your entire itinerary from travel between destinations, accommodations, and both professional and tourist-y events and trips in each city. 

You also get 2 Program Leaders who stay with your group for the whole year, and 2 City Team members who are on the ground in each place to help you get to know your new digs.


Aren't you nervous?

Nope. Next question.

What do you do for work?

I' partnered up with another member of my group and we started a marketing agency together. Check it out!

Where are you originally from?


What about Jax?

Of course, I had to leave my pup behind. While I'll miss him terribly, he's at a loving foster home where he will be spoiled with all the treats and armpit scritchens' he can handle until I return.